H O M E       F I L M      P H O T O       E V E N T S      C O N T A C T

 -B I O G R A P H Y

I am an Italian published author and filmmaker with experience in documentary and promotional film. I can work on original projects leading a coherent approach that involves poetic, theoretic and technical aspects. Giving priority to ethical and sustainable missions, I mold my language in relation with subject and context. From a solid preparation to a complete production process I point to a communication that is sincere, transparent and lyric, inviting the spectator to use his own human perception.

I was born in Milan in 1966 and after Art College, in 1996 I received my PHD studying Philosophy, Art, Theatre and Film Semiotics, Film Theory and History of Cinema.  My first book SALLY POTTER, WORKING WITH ACTORS published in 1997, was deepening my final thesis. The book follows and reveals what and l learnt working aside Sally Potter and her production house in London during the preparation of TANGO LESSON. I was comparing Sally Potters leading actors with Stanislavsky theory and Lee Strasberg Method about directing actors and interpreting a character. In the same period, in order to experience how this can work for an actor in front of the camera, I attended Acting courses at the London Lee Strasberg Studio.

From 1988 to 1991 I worked as director assistant for Alessandro D'Alatri, Maurizio Nichetti and Wim Wenders among others, being also production and casting assistant with various production houses in the creation of advertising campaigns.
From these experiences I learn how important - for a creative yet reliable approach - is looking after each aspect of my film work, from inception to fruition. I love having a skilled DOP, composing a team that collaborate with me but I also enjoy to shoot my images in a solitary, quiet, explorative mood.  Editing is part of my competence, possibly leading music composers to create original soundtracks for the film project.

From 2000 I have been working as documentary and art filmmaker with various artists tracing the process that is involved in art. For Alessi Museum I create video several video portraits of worldwide celebrated designers: Achille Castiglioni, Ettore Sottsass, Richard Sapper, Alessandro Mendini, Andrea Branzi, Stefano Giovannoni. Followed a collective project, Tea and Coffee Towers including original interviews to Will Alsop, Wiel Arets, MVRDV, Gary Chang, UN Studio, Gregg Lynn, Thom Mayne, Tom Kovac, Dezso Ekler, Toyo Ito, Massimiliano e Doriana Fuksas, Dominique Perrault, Future Systems, Juan Navarro Baldeweg, SANAA, David Chipperfield. All this work for Alessi has been published and worldwide distributed as DESIGN INTERVIEWS by Corraini Edizioni and ARTFILMS. Being a deep research on method in design it has been screened at Museums, Film festivals and Universities.

Fascinated by Indian Culture, I spent long time traveling, living and working extensively in India. I directed and filmed   "SUN AND MOON AND THE GOD OF RAIN"in 2004, a documentary film on the ritual painting of the Warli tribe. Presented at the International Film Festival in Locarno, was co-produced by PAC in Milan being part of the exhibition "RICHARD LONG and JIVYA SOMA MASHE - AN ENCOUNTER" and in many more venues.      In 2006 I realised "KALASAM", Indian Stories on Microcredit, presented in Rome at the ASIATICAFILMEDIALE. This film shows some aspects of rural life in Tamil Nadu where women are improving their conditions thanks to microcredit projects.

On Italian magazine  LO SPECCHIO DELLA STAMPA      I published the photographs taken during my journeys to India featuring the world of Brahmins.

Since 2012 I live between Italy and Spain, enriching my experience with dynamic and commissioned projects including  PHOTO SHOOTING