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Since 1997 I travelled in India for more than 36 months. After few years I wanted to observe the rural people and their life through the camera, having the time as first instrument and filming what I felt was an enlightened way of living.

I like to focus on details, gestures, in a smooth rhythm that allows the viewer to be with the film and still to be with himself, giving the time to have a double experience. To watch the filmed reality and to have the chance to think about her/his values, her/his reactions.

I think documentary should not manipulate reality but re-compose and condense time, frames, sound and stories in order to give a personal, harmonic, poetical insight. Reality is complex and fluent and we can’t always have a clear explanation.

I don't believe in an objective regard, while I follow an ethical way of shooting, not relying too much on tight editing but looking for a choreographic development of actions. The process makes the journey.

Being accepted by a community while filming, thanks to a solitaire shooting, a great freedom and a serene sense of exploration allow magic circumstances to appear.

The God of small things shines everywhere.



Ibiza  2014. min 15.57


producer. Andrea Cartocci
music. Jeff Greinke, Mira Calix

Albert Einstein wrote: "If the bee disappeared from the surface of the globe, the man would only have four years of life left to live".   This small movie was meant to share the successful adventure In the re-population and reproduction of queen bees in biza but ends with the finding of a failure. What we observe in this microcosm mirrors a world scale phenomenon.   



KALASAM, Indian Stories On Microcredit

2006. Mini.Dv. min.28'


Kenzi Productions

Tamil Nadu, India






2004. Mini.Dv. min.44'


Osella & Partners Productions

Maharastra, India

Warli Tribe. The art and the celebrations



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